I'm a computer programmer

(and that picture isn't me)



I'm primarily a back-end developer and have good experience developing systems and APIs using Python, Node.js, and PHP (along with various frameworks in those languages – flask, django, koa, express, laravel, codeigniter).

I've done a lot of work with relational databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL, and have experience with a bunch of the NoSQL crowd too (particularly Redis, but also document stores like MongoDB and RethinkDB, and graph databases like Neo4j).

I've also done my fair share of front-end work with the usual HTML, CSS (including Sass and Less), JavaScript and some of the more recent frameworks like AngularJS and React.

I use Linux daily and have good dev-ops experience provisioning and managing servers and cloud-based infrastructure (particularly through AWS, but also Google Cloud Platform and some smaller providers).


My name is Michael Kane. From New Zealand originally, I studied Computer Science, Economics, Philosophy, and eventually Mathematical Logic before getting on a plane to the other side of the world.

I spent five years working at a digital agency in London – the last two as Tech Lead. I then joined a London based digital signage startup for a year before heading down to Brighton and becoming a freelance developer.

I now primarily work with organisations in Sussex and London but am open to remote work. I'd love to hear about your project, so please get in touch!